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Hey everyone

wow, let me tell you how excited i got once i found out there was a meet the barkers community. lol

allow me to introduce myself.

I'm heather, 18/f/NY. Nice to meet all of you.

Question, does anyone know random tid bits about the both of them??

thanks a lot :o) i love random bits of information about people i love. love. yes i said it people. i'm obsessed!lol thanks
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i kno how ya feel i was deff excited when i found this community too!
i LOVE meet the barkers thier the best!!
i really dont know wat to tell ya about them that u prolly dont already know....
0h. my god. i missed the last episode... and my boyfriend PROMISED me he would wake me up at 9:30 so i could catch meet the barkers at 10:00 ( monday) and he forgot. so im clueless on to when its on. :'(

i love meet the barkers fans. we rule. :-D

Thanks for the comment!!
where in ny are you from? im on long island :P

im from newburgh, its in between albany and manhattan. I'm going to the beach in long island! and recently i just went to the amityville horror house around there! it changed a lot, but i love horror movies so i had to do it!!!!!!! lol <3 thanks for the comment!
i probably dont know anything that you already didnt know. Travis is in blink-182, Boxcar Racer, The Transplants and some side project band with Mark. he's obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas. The reason he has so many tattoos is that he knew he wasnt going to make it as anything other than a musician and so he made it where that would HAVE to be his job cause no one would wanna hire him with all those tats. His mom is deceased [but I dont know the reason why]. Atiana is Shanna's daughter with Oscar de la Hoya. She was Mrs. USA in 95. She also posed in um...playboy [her main downfall imho]. um thats about all i can think of at the moment.
cute icon!
thanks so much!!! :-D
np :)